Tips for trips in the neighbourhood

There are really a lot to see!

1.Borjomi (altitude 882 m)
Spa and mountain resort famous for hot mineral springs, you can swim in thermal pools. It is the entrance to the National Park Borjomi – Kharagauli (about 2,000 m above sea level). Borjomi is 24 km away and you can easily get there with marshrutky.

2.Bakuriani (altitude 2.000 m)
The most famous mountain resort in Georgia, a ski centre. In summer you can hike to the lake Tabatskuri (approx. 6 km) and to the monastery Tabatskuri, there is also a botanical garden in Bakuriani. Bakuriani is situated 27km from Khashuri and there are regular lines of marshrutky.

3.City of Gori and surroundings:
The keep of Gori, Stalin Museum, the traditional Gori market (bazaar), Ateni Sioni monastery. Gori is located 42 km and marshrutky run every couple of minutes.

4.Rock City Uplistsikhe:
National park recorded among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a rock city, a complex of caves, from 700 original caverns there are “just” 150. Uplistsikhe is located 10 km from the town of Gori (railway station Kvachvreli).

5. Orthodox monasteries Urbnisi, Kintsvisi, Samtavisi, Tsromi

6.Akhaltsikhe (1.000 m above sea level)
The town is 64 km from Khashuri, here you can see the keep of Rabat with a church and a mosque and a nearby monastery Sapara situated in the woods about 7 km from Akhaltsihke.

7. Surami
The former spa, town close to Khashuri, keep Surami, Museum

Tbilisi – Khashuri 100 km (1 hour 40 min by maršrutka, price: 6 GEL – about € 2.50)
Khashuri – Gori: 42 km (40 min by maršrutka, price: 3 GEL – about € 1.23)
Khashuri – Borjomi: 24 km (20 min by maršrutka, price 2 GEL – about €1)
Khashuri – Bakuriani: 27 km (30 min by maršrutka, price: 3 GEL – about € 1.23)
Khashuri – Surami: 4 km
Khashuri – Kobuleti (seaside resort, 4 hours by maršrutka, price: 10 GEL – about €4)